McTominay’s contact lens problem v PSG


“I got one in the face in training this week and I was like ‘oh no here we go again!’” he joked. “It’s amazing how they can stay in by getting a ball right in your eye. Your eye starts watering but they still stay in. The other day was unfortunate, he just had his hand in my eye so there wasn’t really an awful lot I could do about that.

”I couldn’t see and obviously that’s not good – especially in a big game! A lot of it was just running off instinct but I’ve got one eye with 20-20 vision and the other one without the prescribed lens and it’s strange. If you’ve seen me without my lenses, I’ve not got the best vision. So I ran in very quickly at half-time to put the lens in and then, when I came back out for the second half, it was normal. I was like: ‘This is amazing, I can actually see what is going on!’

“That was the first time it happened the other day and hopefully the last one. I’m always prepared, I’ve always got five or six spares just in case we have an accident again. And I’ll speak to my contact lens lady, she’s amazing!”


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