Latest Man Utd news – Solskjaer reveals Champions League aims


We mentioned recently about getting some more wins at Old Trafford – how important is that?
“At the moment home or away is more or less the same because of course we don’t have any crowds. I know Leipzig can have eight and a half thousand in their games, so that’s a different scenario. But we’re at home, we feel comfortable at Old Trafford and of course we don’t have to travel. It would have been a completely different game with our amazing fans in there.”

It’s so strange not hearing a big roar at the end of the Champions League music before kick-off, isn’t it?
“Very strange and that was the thing I remember maybe the most on the Tuesday or Wednesday nights under the floodlights, walking out, the Champions League music and the crowd afterwards, especially when I was sat on the bench. It’s great to have Champions League football back at Old Trafford.”

You worked so hard to get there last season, you must want to enjoy it…
“Yes, enjoy it and make the most of it as well because we go out to win every single game of football that we play. We’ve got a good quality squad and I feel we can go into any game believing we can win it and I think that shows. We played one of the best teams in Europe [in PSG] and we beat them away from home, so why shouldn’t we aim for the final?”


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