Five things we learned from Patrice Evra’s UTD Podcast



Things could have been very different for Evra, who confessed that he almost switched from United to Real Madrid in the summer of 2010. However, Sir Alex’s man-management skills came to the fore, which resulted in Patrice recommitting his future to the club by signing a four-year deal. The defender revealed that, in the end, the decision was easy for him.

“I remember after the 2010 World Cup, we were in pre-season in Chicago and I called the boss and told him I would sign for Madrid. He told me to come and see him in Chicago and I took a plane straight away. The boss was so shocked to see and he saw how serious I was. He told me to come back to him in a week in Manchester and he would give me a final answer, but he said he was on my side and would help me. I said, ‘Boss, the only thing I need is for you to let me go. Anyway, I’m at the end of my contract so you have to let me go’.

“He told me not to worry, to have a nice weekend and he gave me an extra week of holiday. So when I was back at Carrington, I asked where the boss was and everyone said he wasn’t in today. I was surprised that he told me to come in and he’s not even in. The next day I was so angry and I knocked the door of his office. I told him I was waiting for him yesterday and he asked me what I wanted. He told me he was sorry and he was looking everywhere to try and sign another left-back, but he couldn’t find one like me. I said, ‘Of course, you need to find a different one, not one like me. I’m unique!’

“He shook my hand, told me to trust him and that I had to sign for another four years. Even my agent played a part. The commission was so big for Madrid and it wasn’t the same for Manchester United. He told me if I went there I would be richer but my mentality, my attitude and my philosophy was Manchester United, so I had to stay at this club even if they offer less money. My choice was really easy and when I signed I was the happiest person in the world.”


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