Man Utd striker Ighalo reveals what he’s learned from Solskjaer


It’s not only in Manchester where Ole is considered a legend, but also in his native Norway. Odion knows this only too well, having spent a year playing for Oslo outfit Lyn earlier in his career.

“He’s a big player [in Norway],” said Ighalo. “Playing for United is amazing – for me, it’s the biggest team in the world. In your country, they are going to value it, like the way I am in Nigeria.

“In Norway, everyone rates him so highly because he did a lot for United, and he’s Norwegian. He was always on TV when I was there.”

Ole has certainly made a big impression on Ighalo since the attacker joined United in January, and it’s not just because of his expert coaching.

“He’s a very calm guy; he’s a good guy,” said our no.25. “Outside of football, he’s a good guy. When everybody is laughing in training, he joins in and he talks to us, but, when it’s the game, you see a serious face. We have to do this, we have to do that – then it’s business time.


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