Erik ten Hag’s pre-Leeds message to fans


Manchester United versus Leeds has always been a huge game, a big game in the schedule. How much do you know about the rivalry between the two teams?
“I know something about it, as I know it is about the match between the roses. The red and white. The red has to win and we know what to do. We have to give everything for the battle for our fans.”

Looking at the squad, are there any updates? Scott and Anthony Martial, in particular?

“They are not available. Antony dos Santos, as well, and we will miss them tomorrow. We will see how that develops in the coming days but it is about who is left and they have to do the job. We have a good squad and they have to deal with that, we have to bring a good team tomorrow on the pitch and, if we perform well, we have a good chance to win.”

Switching our heads back to the game against Crystal Palace on Saturday, there were plenty of positives to take from the game, including the second goal, the way it was scored and the amount of players who touched the ball. Is it important for you to see that brand of football and is it pleasing to see it out on the pitch like that?
“It is fantastic, the second goal we made. The first 70 minutes, we played a high-quality game, intense and [it was] perfect. The game-plan but also in the way we played. That goal was definitely¬†the symbol of that game with the possession between the lines and the switching of play, the speed of the game and, finally the cross and we scored. It was great team goal, I think we have already made more such goals, the first goal against Arsenal at home as well was brilliant. This is definitely¬†one as well if you see, after the season, you can say this is the way you want to play.”


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