Gordon Strachan reveals who won the Leeds v Man Utd dance-off


“My most satisfying [time] was at Leeds,” he admitted. “Wherever I went before, with my previous clubs, I just signed and then go and see how you get on. It was only one club that ever said you need to sign and, within two years, we need to be promoted. If not, we’re in real financial trouble here. The club is in trouble. For people to give you that pressure and stress, to achieve it is wonderful.

“I then became an influence again, which I wasn’t at Manchester United. At that point, I just played no.7, did that, did that and got through the game. Here, I had to affect every part of the game going and had to affect players in training. I had to train harder than anybody else which is why I moved home from Manchester. If you’re doing it, do it properly.

“Me and Howard Wilkinson were like chalk and cheese as he was dour, but we got on great. He gave me this purpose in life again. Working with all the players, they all wanted to learn some of the things I’d picked up from Alex Ferguson.


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