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Randall, US: Which food do you miss the most from Brazil?
“No dish in particular as I have everything here with me!”

Cian, UK: Which is your favourite music to listen to?

“I like listening to all kinds of music, but I guess after being in Spain for so long, I tend to prefer Spanish music, like reggaeton. So yeah, I like Spanish music the most.”

Jamie, Ireland: Which footballers did you idolise growing up?

“Good question! I think when you’re a kid you have a lot of idols don’t you. You have players that you’d never have imagined going on to meet one day. But now it’s my turn, in the sense that lots of youngsters are inspired by United players. But honestly, I used to love watching Zidane. I loved watching Scholes too, and talking of United, Scholes, Rio Ferdinand, what an incredible player! These are all players who were winners. Ronaldo Fenomeno, Ronaldinho Gaucho… And talking of players in my position, Gilberto Silva, Mauro Silva, Makelele… When you’re a kid you have lots of idols and heroes, lots of players that you like and lots of players who inspire you. So maybe not everyone remembers all of them, but for me, they were just the top players in the world!”

Archie, UK: What is your favourite goal you have scored from your career so far?

“My favourite one has to be the one that I scored against Napoli in the Champions League, but the most important one was in the Champions League Final against Juventus.”


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