UTD Podcast Nani remembers living and playing with Cristiano Ronaldo


“I had great moments in Manchester. I enjoyed so much my football there. I had some injuries in the middle and several moments that didn’t allow me to perform consistently for as long as I wanted. But I’m still very happy for everything I did in that club, all the fantastic players I played with, the coaches, all the staff I met in that great club. 

“For me, the most important, beautiful, great moments that passed for me were in Manchester. I just have beautiful visions and I don’t see the wrong moments, or the bad moments. I don’t need them, so I’m happy for one of the best moments in my life. I know that people still recognise me, love me, talk about what I did there. So why not think positively? 

“I’m content to love the game, enjoy yourself and to still have dreams. I still have dreams. I wanted to be better, better, better. I know probably I’m not going to be better, but I put it in my head to maintain the level as much as I can to be as close to the level as before.

“I’ll always be Nani for everyone, you know.”  

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