UTD Podcast: Albert Morgan talks about Man Utd players’ superstitions


First is Eric Cantona, the Frenchman renowned for his sartorial choices, including that iconic upturned collar.

One lesser-known preference was for Eric to recycle socks – and he also used to add a strange ingredient into the mix.

“Eric used to want the same pair of socks,” recalled Morgan. “If we were playing in black socks, he’d want the same pair we had before. The girls used to stitch a little cross in them so we knew they were Eric’s socks. Whatever colour we had, he’d want the same ones.

“He used to want a salt pot. He’d get the pot, put the salt in his hand and then put the salt in the sock and then put his socks on. I christened him salt and vinegar feet.

“If it did the trick for him, well it did the trick. The aim of my job was to make sure that the lads obviously were ready and they didn’t have any sort of stupid issues in their mind, they went out to perform.”


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