United Women star Alessia Russo says football has changed in new UTD Podcast

“I just love football and certain players. I guess, as a female growing up – times have changed a little bit now – but in my time you had to watch the men’s game. If you wanted to watch females you had to actually be physically in the stadium, whereas now it is great how much the game has changed, it’s on Sky and everything is accessible. When I was younger that wasn’t the case. 

“That is one of our biggest things post the Euros. A lot of us, when you talk about idols, we refer to the men’s game but now we hope that young boys and girls growing up can idolise a female player, and they don’t have to be local, they don’t have to go to every game, they can see them on TV, they can see them doing events, speaking. Not just players, coaches and referees, so girls can know there’s always a route into the game and they can see them on the biggest stages.

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