Transcript of Solskjaer press conference to preview Leicester v Man Utd on 26 July 2020


Gary Neville said in the week, after the West Ham game, that this team needs or this squad needs three or four more players to be signed to try and challenge for the league next season. Do you agree with that?
“There’s no point now. You’re still seeing what we need for next season. I don’t have time for that really, to think about what – our main focus is we need to just focus on the game against Leicester which is going to be the next hurdle and challenge for this squad.

Given the size of challenge for you before this season and the bumpy campaign you mentioned – has this been the most enjoyable campaign for you as a manager given where you’ve ended up at?
“We’ve not ended up anywhere yet. There’s one more game to show that we’ve become a better team. If we get a result against Leicester, I think everyone would say that this journey has been good. But this is not the end of the journey. If you get there it’s not like ‘breathe and relax’, it’s ‘go again’. We know that there are two teams who are too far ahead of us and we need to step it up even more.”

Coming back to the Burnley game, I think you’d won nine in 24 and are now unbeaten in the league – what do you think the most important factor has been in that turnaround?
“Many factors and reasons: belief. I think if you look at the game against Burnley, we should have won that one. That’s just football and the Premier League, you have to take your chances. I think the belief and confidence, the change of atmosphere; of course, Bruno [Fernandes] coming in has made a massive difference. We’ve got our best players fit and raring to go. There have been many different reasons for the upturn, but it’s been down to the work. They’ve trusted us and believed what we’ve said, and the boys have worked really hard. The fitness level and the mental robustness are so much better than last season.”

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