Transcript of Andy Cole interview from MUTV Group Chat on 4 May 2020


When we get a former player on the chat we always ask them for their Man United six-a-side team of players they played with. You obviously played with some great players, who would you pick?
“What do you play, rush keeper? In six-a-side, sometimes you’ve got to play rush keeper. Scholesy, Skip [Roy Keane]. Jaap [Stam]. How many’s that? [Three]. Yorkie, Ruud [van Nistelrooy] and Giggsy. I know Yorkie can drop in there. Ruud isn’t dropping in there for anybody!”

Just on that point of Ruud, I think Wayne Rooney wrote Ruud would be really annoyed if he found out Thierry Henry had scored, because he’d be really desperate to win the Golden Boot. Can you associate with that sort of feeling?
“No. I love scoring goals, you know what I mean? As a centre-forward, you love scoring goals, but if I go in and the team has won 5-0 and I’ve not scored, why am I worrying myself? Why should I worry? We’re looking for May. When it’s the end of the season we want to be top of the league or walking out and winning the championship. So for me personally, if we score five and I’ve not scored, I’m not getting on the coach and not talking to anyone. I’m buzzing! I might get another game the week after, because I know the manager can’t change the team!”

What was your best goal for Man United? Maybe the best and the most important?
“I will go for the one against Tottenham at Old Trafford. You know why it’s the most important. As we know, the world goes round and you always come back to your starting point. When we lost the league in 1995, I had the worst summer ever. I was absolutely devastated. I can take all the flak, that didn’t really bother me. The flak was I cost us the championship and all that. But for me personally, I always had this thing driving me that I’d let so many people down, my team-mates and whatever. And I always wanted to get to that point where it was me turning it around. So to get that goal in that game, I think for me that was redemption. Personally and mentally, not just for me but I’d done it for my team-mates who I’d let down four years ago, the punters and whatever. For me personally that was probably my most important one.”

Surely the most important was the one you just rolled in against Juventus? 
“No. You know why? The game was over. We were going through on away goals and I’ve always said to everyone the game was over. We’re 2-2, we’re going through on away goals. Yorkie that evening decided to be a bit greedy by going around the goalkeeper and I said that’s the first time, yeah, in us playing together, that you’ve never tried to slip me in. He went down, and the ref didn’t give a penalty. When I look back, it was pretty close to the post by the way. It was a tight angle. We got through, but the game was over.”

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