Tomasz Kuszczak says he enjoys watching Man United as much as playing for us in MUTV Group Chat


“I’ve got two season tickets and I love sitting with the fans,” he declared. “I’m just in normal seats, not far from the away fans and I can go and shout the team on. I love it, I love it, it’s great. Sometimes, my old friends like Wes [Brown] say come and sit with us [in another part of the ground] but I’m like ‘no, I want to be in my seat with the fans!’ I’m screaming from a different angle now, I used to scream from the goal, now I scream from the stands!

“I’m enjoying my retirement,” he added. “I prepared for this moment, I always have things to do. I’m in the property industry of building houses and flats, as well as football that’s always been my passion, to develop things like this. I did some of my coaching badges and I also went to university and finished a degree in journalism, believe it or not, but, at the moment, I’m focused on my company and developing houses and flats in Poland, so I travel a lot. The family are still very happy in Manchester and we’re all happy and healthy. I see my friends like Wes from time to time and it’s always nice to see friendly faces from my time at United.”


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