The joy of following Manchester United away from home


If you’re crossing Stanley Park towards Anfield, or walking up Ashton New Road to the Etihad, or anywhere near Elland Road, you’re very much going to get a sense that this isn’t a place where worshipping Manchester United is permissible.

Instead, you’ll feel like Daniel entering the lion’s den. Like you’re a secret behind-enemy-lines agent for the town of Manchester. Like you’re not just there to watch United, but to represent them.

It’s a privilege, first and foremost. Allocations for away games are small, and tickets aren’t easy to come by. You’ll know, if you’ve ever applied for one, that almost every game is massively oversubscribed.

There are exceptions. Like Astana, last November, where we ‘only’ took around 1,000 supporters. But I reckon that’s fair enough given it’s closer to Japan than Manchester. And we’d already qualified for the next stage of the Europa League.

But whether you’re in Accrington or Astana, that thrill of being part of the travelling support is priceless. And once you’ve experienced it, it will probably change you.


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