Statman Dave: Maguire has been a revelation


First, let’s focus on his defensive qualities – the essence of his game. United have conceded just 30 goals in the Premier League so far this season, making us one of just four sides to have conceded four or fewer. That’s no fluke, either, with our expected goals-against metric standing at 30.56 – the third best in the competition. 


It is undeniable that this is partly attributable to Harry Maguire. On a very basic level, the 27-year-old has played every available minute in the Premier League for the club so far this season – the only outfield player to do so – and so has to be considered an important contributor to our impressive defensive record. 


More than that, though, his defensive numbers as an individual are extremely good. Maguire leads the team in three key defensive areas so far in the 2019/20 league campaign – clearances (201), interceptions (56) and blocked shots (18) – which paints an accurate picture of somebody who is able to read the game well and intervene at the right time, as well as put his body on the line when the situation requires doing so.


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