Solskjaer: Big moments will be key against Sevilla


“It is a very well organised team, [with an] aggressive style of play [and] pressing. They have got some very good individuals so we have to play our best game,” he told the pre-match press conference in Germany.

“We have to be able to keep the ball when we can and play out of their press and we have got to be clever and creative and we have, of course, got to step up in the big moments, the last pass, the finish because these games will be decided on so often either a set piece or a piece of individual brilliance by some players.

“You know that when you come to a semi-final you are playing against big teams, good teams with quality. And it is time to step up for big players, big game moments.

“You have to have 100 per cent focus because any little moment can change the game, can win you the game, can lose you the game.


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