Read every word from Solskjaer’s pre-Arsenal press conference


It was another impressive performance by Fred on Wednesday night. Is he starting to show signs of why the club spent so much money on him two years ago? 
“He’s got incredible attributes, Fred, and we are seeing the better side of Fred, definitely. We’ve waited for it. I thought he did a fantastic season last season and he did what we wanted from him. He’s a humble boy; he works really hard. He said after that game that he missed a couple of passes, but that’s in his genes as well, to always look to improve and to look at his own performance. I think his high energy… he’s little but his balance is fantastic. He is so sharp to win balls; he wins the ball and can also play a good pass. I’m delighted with his development.”

This is your 100th game since taking the wheel at Old Trafford, actually. How would you sum up your time as a United manager so far, and how is facing Arsenal in a game like this, knowing you haven’t beaten them yet in the Premier League?
“Arsenal is always going to be difficult because they are a very good team with a very good manager, who’s got some great ideas on how football should be played, and I’m looking forward to it. Of course, I’m surprised it’s 100 – it’s gone really quick, even though a lot has happened. Let’s hope I can celebrate no.100 with a good performance and a win. I’ve enjoyed it so far.”

It’s been four games since the Spurs defeat – four quite tough games, but you’ve had three wins and one draw. Did that game change your thinking in any way? And what have you done since then to bring about these four fairly good games?
“I think any result as brutal as the 6-1 would have to get a response. It has been dealt with internally. We’ve tweaked a couple of things and got players fit. I think the manner of defeat wasn’t anything that we should have to be confronted with again. Then again, things happen in football these days. The response has been fantastic and that’s what I’m concerned about because we wanted to finish that off as soon as we could and just move forward.”

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