Patrice Evra happy to start from zero when it comes to management and coaching


As many other players do post-retirement, Evra has also written a book, which should hit the market soon.

Patrice has promised more funny tales, as well as some hard-hitting stories about his childhood, although fans of ‘drama’ will be disappointed.

“I hope this book will be in schools, to motivate kids in their dreams, to believe that, no matter what, you can achieve many things. It’s more like a motivational book. It’s not like any drama.

“Sometimes people make books and they talk bad about this person. If I need to talk bad about one person, I’ll do it during my time when I was playing. Not now, when it’s over. I’m not that kind of person.

“It’s just telling you the stuff I tell you. Motivate people, crazy stories. If you read it you’re going to cry more, so don’t read it!

“It’s some tough, tough parts of my childhood, some stuff I’ve never said. It’s going to be a great book.”

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