Opinion: Marcus Rashford is a real life hero


For Marcus, that perspective is rooted in his own experiences. Having lived through aspects of poverty during his upbringing in Wythenshawe, in the relatively recent past, he knows the life his success navigated. But to climb out of darkness through talent and graft, only to turn and thrust a hand back into the darkness, gives you a measure of the man. As he said: “Now that I’m in this position that I’m in, it’s very important for me to help the people that are struggling.”

An influential outlier reeking of decency, empathy and class, making the most of his voice and relentlessly demanding action. On the political landscape, Marcus is a titan. In the summer, his persistence prompted the government to perform a U-turn on their decision not to extend free school meal vouchers for families in need through the summer holidays. Even upon receiving his MBE, for which he was nominated by the government, he used his acceptance statement to declare that the fight was far from over.

Having initiated the summer U-turn, Marcus was denied another for the October half-term.

Then we started to see his true impact.

All over Britain, inspired by United’s no.10, individuals and businesses stepped in to feed the children going hungry. United contributed 5,000 meals. While micro-solutions poured in, Marcus continued to push a parliamentary petition to provide lasting, longer-term relief for those in need. Requiring 100,000 signatures to provoke consideration for debate in the House of Commons, at time of writing there were roughly one million excess signatures provided.

Be the change you want to see.


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