Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s message to his strikers


“Of course, I think it’s more beneficial for us strikers because we have a former striker as coach,” explained Ighalo. “I know that. Even in some games we play, he calls you to talk to you. Like I remember at the Derby game, I scored two goals and he called me to say: ‘You’re the striker. You’re supposed to score three goals in this game!

“It’s important. I needed to shoot. I had Juan Mata who called me and I was rolling the ball back. He said: ‘No, as a striker, in that place, you should shoot. Always try to shoot to the goal. It doesn’t matter if the keeper touches it, aim for your target and shoot.

“So I benefit a lot from him – the way he talks in training and the way he wants me to move and to keep the ball and all that. It’s very good.”


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