Ole Gunnar Solskjaer exclusive interview on 2019/20 season restart


The manager is clearly very pleased with the way his charges have conducted themselves and maintained their fitness during the long period of isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The subsequent sessions at the Aon Training Complex, firstly in small groups and then in full contact, have further increased Ole’s optimism for the restart.

As you can read below, that positivity was evident when he spoke to us in a phone call on Friday, shortly after the dates for our next four games in the Premier League and Emirates FA Cup were confirmed.

How excited are you to see the first fixtures released and have it confirmed that the season is resuming?

“Yes, of course, we’ve been looking forward to these games for ages really. We more or less knew what the fixtures were going to be early on. There was a little tweak with Sheffield United being the second one instead of Brighton. It does make it feel like ‘yes, we’re here soon.’ The first game is two weeks from today so we need to step up the training and get an edge to our game again.”


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