Ole Gunnar Solskjaer discusses United’s cup draws, Andreas Pereira’s Lazio move and facing Spurs


Naturally, going back to Paris will be special after that extraordinary night last time…
“A special, special night. Of course, it’s a different setting and everything will be different about it, but we’ve got that experience and you want to play against the best players in the world and they certainly have a few of them.”

It’s a good thing, isn’t it, that you’re playing these types of games again after a little break from the competition?
“Yes, we have always wanted to be in the Champions League. We’re known for playing really well against good teams so we’re looking forward to it.”

And what about the Carabao Cup quarter-finals in a couple of months? Everton away…
“I looked at the teams in there and you say, normally in the Carabao Cup, teams don’t always go strong, but many teams have wanted to go through in this competition and Everton have started the season fantastically with Carlo [Ancelotti], and in the league as well. That’s a few months away, so we can put that in the back of our heads for now.”

Lazio have announced that Andreas Pereira has arrived for a loan spell. Do you see it as a good move for him and a chance for him to get some playing time?
“Yes, definitely. They’re a big club, Lazio. Andreas needs to play regularly. He started last season really well, and played loads of games. You could see the confidence growing and see him developing, but after we signed Bruno that position that Andi played in was taken, because Bruno came in and had such an impact. We decided this is what was best for Andreas.”

Could it be a busy weekend, in terms of some players coming in and out?
“Football is always busy, but the end of transfer windows always has loads of speculation, of course. Obviously I’m not the one who is involved in all this, but in general we’re happy with what we’re doing. We’re looking forward to the game on Sunday; that’s the thing I’m focusing on.”


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