Nani reflects on his awkward car journey with Sir Alex on UTD Podcast


“It was good. All the players, there were many fantastic moments and one thing I enjoyed more, what I learned, was what happened on the field stayed on the field. Outside is another life, another thing.

“We as a team, this is private, used to fight a lot in training,” he added. “Not fight like this but challenge hard – everyone and someone would say he didn’t like it. He’d say: ‘Come on, what are you doing?’ and it was close to a fight. Others would separate them and, from there, you’d go to the gym or inside to the facility, it’s gone.

“That’s why we were champions, the hardest team to beat. Every time it arrived, we had to be a real team to beat anyone and we were there. That’s why I get a lot of experience from that time of life I lived in Manchester.”

You can listen to Nani’s full UTD Podcast episode from Sunday evening, on Deezer, or your regular podcast provided.


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