Martinez: I’d always have a ball with me


We wanted to read you a quote that you might recognise…
“Every time I wake up and I go to Manchester to train I start thinking about my family. How can I not want to go out and ‘eat’ the world. With that strength is that I give everything in each training session and in each game. It is for them, all the people from here, my city, and you feel the support of all of Entre Ríos .”
Talk to us about this.

“Yes, of course. Apart from the huge passion I have for football, something I love to do, I love this sport, you also have to find this motivation to keep giving your all every day. So each time I wake up, of course I have to be thankful to be alive and to be breathing in this world. And when you remember your family, your friends, the place you came from, those really tough times that were hard to get through, how can it not motivate you? And clearly it’s going to give you that energy, that bit extra so you can give your all in training and certainly in games.”

That was a quote from you, from when you went back to your hometown, Gualeguay, after the World Cup celebrations – what did that mean to you?

“Yes, of course, going back to my city when I can spend time with my friends, my family, my girlfriend is lovely because it also means you feel connected. It keeps your feet on the ground too and you remember where you started.”


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