Man Utd medical team explain how they are adapting in lockdown


Along with the coaching staff and the fitness team, the medical team are part of the wider group charged with making sure the first-team squad remain in peak condition while based away from the Aon Training Complex.

Dr Steve McNally – Head of Football Medicine and Science at the club – recently spoke to MUTV’s Mark Sullivan and described how his team have dealt with these unique set of challenges over the last few weeks.

“Obviously it’s difficult for me to manage patients without being face-to-face,”

he explained,

“but fortunately most of the boys have been well, there’s been no big issues at all.

“It’s been interesting to see how self-sufficient and self-managing they have become over the past few weeks. They’ve got a big team around them at the Aon Training Complex and when we’re on the road, we all want to do our bit to help them. They’re on their own a little bit now and I’ve been really pleased and quite proud of the way they’ve got on with it.”


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