Maguire discusses returning to his old club ahead of Leicester City v Man Utd


“It’s really important [to play Champions League football]. I joined this club to win the biggest trophies and the Champions League is one of the biggest of them all. As a club and a player we want to be in the Champions League, so it’s really important to be there.

“Touch wood I manage to play the game on Sunday and do that [play every minute of every Premier League game this season],” he added. “It’s something I do really take pride in, being available and looking after myself in order to play every game.

“I think it’s really important especially as a defender because you want to play in every game and if you’re an attacker you want to see a solid defence and not much change with it. You want to see consistency and know what you’re going to get. 

“So it’s important for a top defender to play every game. I’ve done it once in my career, at Leicester in my first season where I played every minute of every game, and it’s been nice, touch wood, that I’ve stayed injury-free and not picked up any silly suspensions this season.”


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