Latest Man Utd news from Solskjaer’s press conference


Given how well the forwards are doing and the minutes they are receiving, do you feel vindicated in the changes you made last summer? There was some criticism that there was no established no.9, for example? Your old manager wasn’t afraid of making unpopular decisions…
“This isn’t a popularity contest, that’s for sure. I have to make decisions that I think are for the benefit of the club. The decisions we made last summer and in January, bringing players in, allowing players to move on. I think, in my mind they were always for the good of the club and the team, both in terms of giving youngsters a chance but also in terms of giving trust to the other ones, while also accepted some players had been great servants to the club. So, for me, I would still make the same decisions if I could go back 12 months or six months.”

Unbeaten in 16 games now, how does that affect the whole group’s mentality?
“As a footballer you know you can’t just pick out your confidence from the fridge. You have to get it from what you do every day in training, but the results, they matter. The last 16 games unbeaten gives us more confidence, but 16 games is nowhere near where a Manchester United team should strive towards. We can still go many games unbeaten if we concentrate on the right things, if we focus on the next one, the next one, the next one and then suddenly you’re stood there with 16. Hopefully that can continue.”

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