Jesse Lingard opens up about difficult season in Instagram posts to Man Utd fans


In a post via his official Instagram account, Lingard addresses his 2019/20 season and looks forward to the future with a positive mindset.

Jesse begins by citing a Michael Jackson lyric, writing: “I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways.

“This season has been difficult for so many reasons. I lost who I was as a player and person, but I never wanted to give up, I knew who I really was on and off the pitch and knew that having been there before I could get there again. 

“This meant working harder than I’d ever done before and trusting in those around me that they knew how to best help me achieve that. 

“I know the fans have been frustrated but in all this time my love for this club and everyone connected to it has never left me. This team, this club is my family and I will continue to keep working harder than ever to help this team achieve its goals.”


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