Jesper Blomqvist in spotlight as prepares to face Liverpool again

Jesper is a fan of the Reds these days, cheering us on with his son, so he hopes if a Treble is to be emulated, it will be by United at some point in the future.

In terms of life away from football, he still runs his Stockholm pizzeria, and is also facing the intense pressure of working in the kitchen under the scrutiny of experts and TV viewers in his homeland.

“I’ve still got that [restaurant] and we’ve just moved to a bigger place,” he told us. “We’ve won a few awards, especially from some Italian organisations and that makes me extra proud, those awards, but the most important thing is the customers keep coming back. We had a lot this summer and that was fantastic. That’s the most important thing – awards are here and there but you need to win the game and get people to come back. That is, for sure, they’re coming back and it feels great.

“[My favourite pizza?] Ah well, we have a lot of good ones but the classic Parma, with some Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and ricola, and maybe some extra buffalo mozzarella on top of that. It’s a great pizza!

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