‘I’ve loved my life following United’ | Interview with lifelong fan Maureen Pelham | United Review


During our chat, Maureen recalls attending the 1963 FA Cup final, and even travelling to Madrid for the second leg of the 1968 European Cup semi-final at the Bernabeu.


“From then on I went everywhere – home, away, Europe… but my children were born in 1976 and 1978, so I couldn’t really go for a couple of years, and I hated that! My husband was not interested. Honestly, he was so good – he let me do anything and go everywhere! Not that I did anything bad, of course! I began to go to Europe, including all the Champions League matches. We loved to go to Moscow [in 2008], and saw all the away matches that led up to the final. 


“For the past 10 years or more, my friend and I, Gill, have been going on the Monkey Bus. We’ve had such wonderful times. It’s the funniest thing. Quite often we are the only females, but it’s dead funny. I think they let us go with them because, if the police were to get on and see us, they’d think: there can’t be much going on here, with these two golden oldies! But they are the best people, they really are.”


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