How Man Utd goalkeepers are training during the coronavirus lockdown


Of course, goalkeeping is a specialist profession and it’s not easy for De Gea, Romero and Grant to work on their specific skills at home.

Each keeper is, therefore, being encouraged to come up with their own drills – not just to ensure reflexes are sharp, but also as a way to alleviate the tedium of lockdown.

“[The technical work is] something the lads draw up themselves really,” added Mawson, who joined the club from Burnley in December. “Obviously the physical programmes Cleggy has spoken about there, a couple of times a week we get together and go through them as a unit.

“But the technical aspect hasn’t really been hammered home by us as coaches. It’s an opportunity for them to maybe kill a bit of time, keep their eye in.

“[There’s] not a lot of equipment in their homes, but it’s really their ownership and them being as creative and simplistic with their ideas that they feel they want to work on and to keep them ticking over and keep their eye in, really.”

Watch the full Goalkeeper Hangout, featuring De Gea, Romero, Grant and the coaches, in the video above.


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