Former Man Utd players reflect on their first impressions of Solskjaer


“There wasn’t any of them [signings] I’d ever heard of, but that highlighted just how good Sir Alex Ferguson was, not just for bringing in players that he knew about and that had reputations, but also players he knew that could develop at Manchester United.

“The amount of goals that Ole scored, when you think about his goals-to-game ratio – because a lot of the time he came off the bench and scored great goals. One of them – and I was in the squad at the time – was when he scored four against Nottingham Forest in about 20 minutes.

“He was just so explosive and the amount of times he would let fly and he’d try and aim for the goalkeeper’s legs because he could hit the ball with such power that he didn’t have any time to move. Very often goalkeepers would get done by Ole through their legs.

“He was a great character to have in the dressing room, a lovely lad. What a superb striker!”

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