Every word from part one of Erik ten Hag pre-Newcastle United press conference

Hi Erik, I know you have talked a lot about Andre Onana since the game on Wednesday. His form has been analysed but are we being too harsh on Andre Onana?
”If you analyse it well, then you will see he is the second-best goalkeeper in the Premier League, based on stats. His expected defence on goal is the second best in the Premier League. So yeah, he is doing well, but also he knows that, in the Champions League, he has had made some mistakes. But, overall, in the first five months, he is doing particularly well.”

Is it difficult to gauge how well Manchester United are playing at the moment? If you look at the Premier League form, it is fantastic, then you have the Champions League frustrations. Is it frustrating for you because you know how good this team can be?
”You said it: very good, how good we played on Wednesday. We played very good. In Copenhagen, we played very good and, even in Bayern Munich, we played very good. We have to do some things better, eliminating individual errors. Also things in the transition, but we can sort this out. I would be more concerned if we didn’t play that well.”

Erik you know Onana as well as anybody. How is his confidence after these high-profile mistakes he has made?
”You know also because you have seen how he is reacting after a bad performance, like he did after Munich. Then after, against Burnley, he was outstanding. He is a strong character, a personality and he will deal with it.”

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