Everton v United: Solskjaer’s press conference


Ole, is it a fact of life as manager of Manchester United that when you have a performance like Wednesday when mistakes are made that people call you or the manager into question, the players into question and the reaction is as fierce as it’s been?
“Yeah, you have to be mentally strong. There’s demands on a Man United player, a coach, or a manager. There’s also an expectation, because we are at the best and the biggest club in the world. You don’t expect to have anything but criticism then. It’s just how you deal with that setback. From what I’ve seen from the boys, they’ve been very focused since we’ve come back and ready to give a response.”

Ole I think everyone on this call has known you an awful long time as a player and a manager. Firstly, how are you, and secondly does this feel like a bigger game than going to Goodison Park and trying to beat Everton?
“I’m good. You know you don’t have to be happy to still stay positive. The thing is you know on difficult days, on hard days, in life there will be better days coming. For me I know these players well enough and I trust them enough to have a response. Going out there, enjoying wearing the shirt and playing against a good team of course, which always is [a matter of] personal pride as well that you go out there and play against some very, very good players and a good team.”


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