David May reveals his enjoyment of UTD Podcast during MUTV Group Chat


Through in-depth chats, UTD Podcast have unearthed and told previously unknown tales and anecdotes and, unsurprisingly, Maysie has thoroughly loved the experience.

“Every single one has been totally different,” the 50-year-old said during the latest MUTV Group Chat. 

“Ben [Thornley] has done it, I’ve done it. Eric [Cantona]… there have been some really great stories about how the lads grow up. Some coming from poverty, some coming from war-torn areas. It’s a real eye-opener that a lot of people don’t even know.

“Once you get into it and they start talking, they can be unbelievable stories and the podcasts have been really good. I’ve loved doing them and hopefully we get a few more soon.”

“I think we’ve done over 50 now,” he said, before giving a little insight into the next former Red who could appear. “I think we’re in the process of trying to get Alan Smith. That would be a really good podcast,” he said.


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