Dalot: We give the manager good headaches


”I think it’s massively [important],” said Diogo, when asked on why it is important to have competition for places in the squad.

”That only shows that we are not just 11 players, we have to be a squad, and like I said many times, I learn a lot with Aaron, I’m sure he learns a lot with me as well.

”I think this is a good and healthy competition that we all have. I think in this squad we have at least two players for each position, a lot of players that can play other roles, so I think this dynamic makes us stronger, makes us better, and I think we have good headaches to give to the manager and I think this is good problems for him.

”We just have to give our best when we have the opportunities to play, not take that for granted because I think at this club, the demands are so high and the responsibility so high that you have to be sharp every single game, and be ready mentally and physically. So I think we, as a squad, are going in the right direction.”


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