Bruno Fernandes speaks about competitive personality on UTD Podcast


Speaking on the upcoming episode of UTD Podcast, Bruno was quizzed on his drive to succeed and revealed his will to win is so strong he even struggles to let his three-year-old daughter beat him when they’re playing together.

“Always [I’ve had a competitive personality]. Always. I hate losing. In everything,” he told co-hosts Helen Evans, Sam Homewood and David May.

“Two days ago I was playing Uno with my little daughter and you know, sometimes you just need to let them win. So in this game she plays two +4 [cards], and she lays down +4 twice. She’s young, she doesn’t know so sometimes you ask, do you have any other cards to put down and when I asked, she put another +4 down, so I take another 8 cards.

“Then I got rid of all these cards – bang bang bang and I won that game. I needed to win because I was so angry that she put me twice +4 … she made me pick up all these cards!


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