Bruno Fernandes names football heroes in UTD Podcast 16 Nov 2020


In his riveting UTD Podcast out on Monday, the creative Manchester United midfielder cites a pair of players who operated in different areas of the team – Brazil legend Ronaldinho and Bruno’s compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo – as being key influences in his formative years. Hearing him talking passionately about both icons, you begin to think about the attributes he might have borrowed from them and brought into his own game.

“When I grew up, the first player I really liked to watch was Ronaldinho,”

reveals Fernandes, during the 70-minute episode.

“He had this kind of magic that nobody else had.

“He went everywhere with a smile on his face. He’d take a tackle and still be smiling. He’d give a nutmeg and have a smile on his face. If he won, he had a smile on his face. Even if he lost, he had a smile on his face. He was just the sort of player you enjoy watching. That was really important for me when I was growing up because when you are a kid, you have to enjoy your football. And when you watched Ronaldinho, you understood what it means to enjoy football.”


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