Bruno Fernandes chatted with Cristiano Ronaldo about football without fans


Although the Reds’ vast army of fans worldwide are able to show their support for Bruno and his colleagues on their social media platforms, nothing can compare to having the backing of the club’s faithful on a matchday, and they will not be able to cheer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team on in Saturday’s opener.

“I think I feel this [support] a lot on social media,“ our spectacular January signing told United Review. “We have a lot of fans of Manchester United and I can feel all the love they have to give you on social media, on the streets and everywhere really.

“I think, now, the most important thing is for everyone to be healthy and, as soon as possible, everybody will be able to come to the stadium. Football without fans is not like a football game, you know. I sat with Cristiano to talk about it after the game with the national team.


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