At Home with Manchester United Women stars Millie Turner, Mollie Green, Martha Harris and Ella Toone


Let’s quickly move on! Dare we ask, what other games do you play together then? Twister is fun when you’ve got four players.
Ella: Ah, Twister – we should get that!
Millie: We have ordered Monopoly.

If you like cards and Monopoly, Monopoly Deal is a brilliant card game, and it doesn’t take several hours…
Ella: Yeah, we tried that one, but Martha didn’t like it.
Martha: I prefer the original, so we’ve ordered that.

Fair enough. Any new skills you’ve picked up?
Millie: Does TikTok count? [Laughs] I think we peaked a bit too early with TikTok because we had three quite good ones, but now we can’t think of another, so we’re waiting for the next idea to pop up.
Ella: Martha’s tried to learn the keyboard, but that lasted about a second!
Martha: No, I ordered the wrong size keyboard so I couldn’t do it properly. I thought I’d ordered a normal one but it was for a five-year-old, so I sent it on to my niece and nephew. I then ordered another one but it just didn’t sound like a piano, which is what I wanted as I like the piano. I had to get rid of that one as well – it’s been frustrating!

Finding time to learn any new skill is easier said than done, even in lockdown…
Millie: It’s mad how quickly the days go, but Mol’s found time to start a nutrition course, and Tooney’s started getting better at cooking, haven’t you?
Ella: I can make poached and scrambled eggs now. We’re all trying to improve little things like that, that we didn’t have time to do before.

Such as kicking around a loo roll! How did you enjoy taking part in the squad’s combined ‘toilet roll challenge’?
Ella: Well, I couldn’t actually do my bit so I got angry and threw it, and we just thought we’d send that clip in instead. Martha’s bit was easy as she just had to throw it!

A perfectly executed toilet-roll throw-in, we felt…
Martha: Thank you!
Millie: It was fun to do, and it passed a bit of time. That’s what we enjoy every day now, little things like that to keep us entertained.


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