Who is Man Utd’s most two-footed player if it’s not Mason Greenwood?


We spoke to Josh to find out a bit more about his research and his thoughts on the findings.

“The goal was to establish which players in the Premier League are the most two-footed when passing,” he said. “So I used Statsbomb data, as provided by http://FBref.com, covering touches, left-footed passes and right-footed passes. For context, receiving a pass, then dribbling, then sending a pass counts as one touch.

“I calculated how many touches each United player averaged before making a pass with his left or right foot, with the total figure offering an insight into general ambidexterity.

“The player at the top of the chart is the most two-footed passer, because he requires the fewest touches, on average, before he’s made a pass with both his left and right foot, whereas the player at the bottom is the least two-footed.”


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