Web3 explained as Man Utd explores new technology opportunities for fan engagement


What are the benefits of Web3 for me as a fan?

1. Ownership
Fancy owning a historic piece of Manchester United? Digital collectibles have been a huge part of gaming culture for years. Now they’re starting to find a place in everyday life as Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), giving you the chance to own your very own slice of the web. Find out more about digital collectibles here

But digital ownership doesn’t stop at just buying and selling digital assets and collectibles. In the future, your ticket to Old Trafford could be backed by blockchain technology. You could store it safely in a digital wallet, it can be verified as authentic, you can track where it came from, what you paid for it and keep a record of every game you have ever been to, forever. No more scrapbooks and lost ticket stubs. Instead, a permanent, verifiable record of your life with United. 

If you play games like eFootball or Fortnite, you might already be familiar with digital wallets. In Web3, the difference is you’re in control. You can sell your wallet contents where and when you choose, for the price you want, or keep them forever. Web3 digital wallets can also store currency, tickets and other digital products. Best of all they can store virtual keys that open new worlds and communities, like our newest fan channel on Discord – click here to learn more

Imagine you got your (virtual) hands on an official Man United number seven shirt in a game like FIFA. Thanks to Web3 tech, you can keep that shirt in your digital wallet forever. You’ll be able to show it off in-game and outside of the game. Ownership might also unlock benefits in other games, or in person at Old Trafford.

2. Connectivity
Your fantasy football league is already influenced (and sometimes ruined) by real-life players’ on pitch performance. Web3 takes this melding of the digital and physical worlds to a new level, letting you easily move your digital history and items between a multitude of websites, apps and programs.

Remember that digital number seven shirt? It could also come with a very real, physical equivalent, or vice versa – a shirt you can then use to unlock exclusive benefits or experiences with the Club and partners. And only those with a genuine shirt – authenticated via the blockchain – would be able unlock rewards. 


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