The story of the Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation


A website was created, a not-for-profit company was established, and a board of directors put in place. And quickly, the organisation’s reach started to spread much further than Manchesterplatz and events around the Munich anniversary.


First, Harry Gregg requested the group investigate doing some charitable work in Belgrade, where the Babes played their final game before making their way to Munich. “Me and Melissa [Moore, MMMF member] went to Belgrade,” explains vice-chairman Tony Crook. “A big Red Star fan, Pero Radovanac, drove us round and introduced us to a few charities.”


The MMMF decided to support FK Studentski Grad – an underage football club in Serbia, tied to the University of Belgrade. Similar links were then made with Depaul UK, a youth homelessness charity with a project in Greater Manchester. Another youth football project, Pikassio Libero, was recommended by the mayor of Munich’s office, during discussions around the MMMF’s organisation of the 60th anniversary memorial at Manchesterplatz. In November 2020, the group was granted charity status.

“It’s for the fans, by fans, done in the right, respectful way,” stresses Burns. “I’m very proud of how we conduct ourselves. We act with integrity, accountability, transparency. Ninety-eight per cent of fans’ donations go to charity. We don’t take a penny, and if I ever fessed up to my wife how much I spend on buying stuff and donating stuff, she’d go nuts!

“Young kids in Germany can’t believe that the greatest football club in the world and its fans actually think something about them. That we do something. We’ve reached out and we’ve given back, and we’ve done it because we love United and we love the Babes.”


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