The Debate: England Reds backed to continue shining


“I love that everyone is talking about Rashford, [it’s] brilliant,” she said. “I love him anyway; he’s had a hard time over the last few years. And I don’t watch loads of England games, I have to be honest. I’m very much United. I don’t get time for other football games; I like to go and watch it at Old Trafford.

“But when our stars shine and they’re back, after they’ve been slated in the past, I’m proud. Because he’s been playing a lot better this year and he’s back and watch out, because he is [superb] – as long as he stays at United forever! He’s Manchester born and bred. They’re the players that I love at United: those who love Manchester, love United and want to make us proud.

“What an inspiration to young Black kids [as well] – well, young kids from anywhere – but especially from Manchester. He’s a great role model, he never forgets where he’s from and that’s what is the most important thing for me. It’s not just that he does good for the children of this country; he’s great for football, great for United.”


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