The day Sir Alex Ferguson managed his final game at Old Trafford


It already seems decades ago, despite just seven years having passed. That may be due to the difficulties in replicating the achievements of the larger-than-life Scot.


Those of us who enjoyed watching Sir Alex’s United teams, as we grew from children to teenagers to adults, have since come to realise what it is like to support a football team that doesn’t win 13 titles in 20 years; one that sometimes finishes outside the top three places in the Premier League.


But what was it like to be there on that bittersweet day when he stepped out at Old Trafford for the final time as our manager?


In a strange way, it was exciting. The boss was so brilliant, and his desire to win so unquenchable, that many fans had undoubtedly begun taking our successes for granted.


The uncertainty of what was to come after this expansive epoch was – at the time, at least! – weirdly thrilling. It filled you with the kind of nervous adrenaline you experienced before your first day at secondary school.


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