Opinion: There’s nothing like the weird and wonderful world of following Man Utd away

Like the time I got the train all the way back from Barcelona, via the Pyrenees, Toulouse, Paris and London.


Or the 10-hour train ride from Bar, in Montenegro, to Belgrade, in Serbia, to watch us play Partizan.


It sounded nice, in theory. Surely a 10-hour train would offer a generous buffet car and a well-stocked bar? No chance, pal – fancy an existential crisis instead? Or a look at loads of Eastern Orthodox churches? How about a Serbian border guard chuckling at the nationality on your passport: ‘Brexit!’


There was plenty of fun in between, but you get my point: these are the kinds of bizarre, incidental occurrences that come with following United all over.

You end up meeting all types of people, seeing all types of things, having all manner of weird and wonderful conversations. Sometimes it’s life-affirming; sometimes it’s mundane. But always, you come home feeling richer for the experience.

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