Marcus Rashford’s UTD Podcast | Memories of United 4 Real Madrid 3

“That was my first game,” Rashford adds. “I already had a bond with United because of my household, it was just Man United. After going to Old Trafford, that was it, that was the only club I dreamed of playing for.

“I used to just love the whole build-up to game, getting buses and the train and there being loads of fans there. It wasn’t just the game for me, it was the build-up and the club being a family. That’s what drew me to United initially.

“Once I got involved with the club, from then on it was a no-brainer: we fit together.

“I’d trained at other clubs before that and it just wasn’t the same feeling. Of course, I enjoyed playing football, but it wasn’t the same as training at United. It was quite an easy decision.”

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