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In case you didn’t know, club photographer Ash Donelon has been highlighting his favourite images within the pages of United Review all season and telling the tales that go alongside them. 

Here, the lifelong Red shares two of his standout images of supporters this season, both at home and abroad. Take a look below and delve a little deeper…

Image taken:
During the Chelsea match on 22 October 
Ash says: “At most football stadiums, you’ll see photographers sat behind the pitchside advertising boards at each goal end. Stamford Bridge is unusual because the fans are sat right behind the goals, meaning there’s no space for photographers, and so I have to sit along the long edges instead. 

“Although I’ve covered a few matches there, I’ve always been on the ‘wrong’ side, meaning I’m on the opposite side as the managers and away fans. This was my first game working on the right side, near our fans, so I knew I needed to make the most of the opportunity. 


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