Man Utd fans on Facebook react to Nemanja Matic new contract until 2023


As you can read below, supporters around the world are expressing delight toward the Serbian’s good news and praising his recent form in midfield alongside Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba. 

Reds online are also pointing out how Matic can help his fellow central midfielders, including the young generation, to develop and improve as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Reds continue to progress.

Check out some standout comments below, thanks to everyone who has engaged so far and, of course, congratulations to Nemanja on your new contract…

Connor Gleeson: “The way he’s been playing shows how important he is right now to United. Also for the younger players he’s a brilliant player to learn from. The freedom he gives Pogba and Bruno is to be seen in the games of late. It is a well-deserved extension and also he’s meant to be a really down to earth great guy which is another important quality of a United player.”

Joe Howard: “Has anyone actually thought he is back playing to his best because he is now back playing the position he enjoys? Being able to sit in front of the back four and break up play is his game. For the last two years he was being asked to be the one that sets up play and plays that killer pass to create a goal. That isn’t the way he plays. Now we have Bruno and Pogba he can do what he is good at.”


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