Lou Macari discusses Man United debut 50 years on


Macari, who now works tirelessly in helping the homeless and other charity projects, certainly has no regrets about making the move to Manchester and forging such a lengthy association with the club. 

“I didn’t join them after looking at any league tables at how they were doing,” he said. “I joined because it was Manchester United. I wasn’t going to go anywhere else, because the pull of the club at the time was as it is nowadays. You can struggle in the league nowadays, but still people want to come – they want to play for Manchester United.

“It was the same back then and I, no matter what in the 11 years I served at Manchester United, no matter whichever way you want to weigh it up – I regarded it as the right decision. If you’re looking at it from year to year, from Wembley to relegation or whatever, how it happened, it was what you expect from a massive football club that has got character about it. That was the rollercoaster ride, from relegation, bouncing back and then after that, to be honest with you, never really looking back.”

After winning the old Second Division in 1974/75, the Reds lost the 1976 FA Cup final to Southampton before beating Liverpool, and denying them the Treble, a year later, with Macari’s shot going in off Jimmy Greenhoff for the winner at Wembley.

Read the interview in full in this month’s Inside United.


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